A car accident in Washington may shake you up quite badly. However, if you do not seem to get better after the accident and the feelings persist, there could be something more happening to you. VeryWell Mind explains that you may have post-traumatic stress disorder due to the accident.

The trauma of the accident could lead to this condition. If you have an immense fear that you are in danger or you avoid driving or even riding in a vehicle after your accident, it may be normal in the time immediately after, but if it lingers for months, you should see a doctor.

Risk factors

You may be at risk for developing PTSD. If you do not have a good support system to help you through the aftermath or if you have had psychological trouble in the past, then this may increase your chances of developing this condition. Having trauma in your past or being very emotional at the time of the accident may also increase your risk. If you know that you are at high risk, then you should mention this to your doctor.

Seek assistance

You should see a doctor if your feelings persist or worsen after the accident. A medical professional can help you through therapy and possibly with medication. You can begin recovery as soon as you get help for the condition. The most important thing is to take that first step and ask for help.

PTSD may be hard for you to recognize. It is normal to feel upset and even afraid after a car accident. However, when these feelings do not go away and start to alter your life, it becomes a problem. You do not have to suffer with this condition. You just need to recognize that you can suffer PTSD from an accident and get help as soon as you realize your symptoms persist.