Washington may not see the harsh winters of the Midwest, but that does not mean that you can avoid all bad winter weather. Ice is something that you may have to deal with on occasion. It is also one of the most dangerous surfaces upon which to walk. Many people end up falling because they walk the wrong way on this slippery surface. 

Falls on ice can be quite dangerous and lead to serious injuries. It is always preferable to avoid a fall if possible. While ice is no doubt incredibly slippery, there are some things you can do to stop yourself from falling. It all starts with paying attention to the ground and identifying ice before you step on it. 

Walk like a penguin 

If you identify ice in your path and cannot avoid walking on it, you should immediately shorten your strides, according to Today. To better remain upright, you also want to shift your center of balance over your front leg as you walk. 

It is also important to keep your hands free. You want to be able to use your arms to help balance. If you start to slip, you can often recover by using your arms to keep you upright. 

If you do begin to fall, try to do so in a way that will minimize the potential for injuries. It is best to land on the fleshier parts of your body, such as your bottom. You also want to tuck in your arms, legs and head so that they do not contact the ground, which could mean a broken bone or head injury. When you hit the ground, roll. This will reduce the impact. 

Ideally, you will not have to walk on icy surfaces, but if it happens, keep these tips in mind. Also, do not be afraid to alert those responsible to the icy path so that they may clear it off.