Motorcycles are the most vulnerable vehicle on the roads because of their size and lack of overall protection. All drivers should take responsibility for keeping them safe by watching out for them and sharing the roadway. 

I Drive Safely explains that you can do a lot for motorcycle safety if you start by being aware of when they are on the roads, which is most often during nice weather with a lot of sunshine. Being aware also means reducing distractions, such as not using your cell phone. 

Have all passengers help 

Not seeing a motorcycle is one of the top reasons for car/motorcycle collisions. Because of their small size, it may be easy to overlook a motorcycle. To help ensure you are seeing everything on the road, get your passengers to look out for motorcycles as well. They have different viewpoints and may more easily spot one than you can. 

Be cautious 

Take more time when driving so that you can be more cautious, especially at intersections. Take an extra beat when at a stop sign to look again for oncoming motorists and bikes. Avoid speeding and rushing, which can make you overlook proper protocols that can prevent accidents. 

Give them space 

Just because a motorcycle is small does not mean it should not get the same space as you on the road. Avoid getting too close. Give them room to maneuver. If you are passing, stay out of the lane with the bike. They deserve the whole lane and will often use it to help make themselves more visible.