Despite their best intentions, sometimes manufacturers of certain medical devices discover that they must recall their products. This can result from several complaints that the device is not working correctly or even violates FDA laws.

Keep reading for more information on medical device recalls and how to know if your medical device is part of a recall.

Details on recalls

According to the FDA website, a recall occurs when a manufacturer discovers that there is a problem with their product. This may result from the device being a health risk, being defective or both. A recall does not necessarily mean that you must stop using the device, but it does mean that the device must receive an inspection or repair of some manner. In some cases, however, keeping the medical device in place may put you at risk. For example, if you receive a hip replacement with a defective part, your doctor will talk to you about the risks of removing the hip replacement as opposed to leaving it in. Unfortunately, these circumstances may leave you with large, unexpected medical bills.

How you receive notification about medical device recalls

The FDA releases information about medical device recalls on its website. If you have concerns about your medical device for any reason you can check this website, which the FDA updates regularly. Also, you may get a notice in the main. Attorneys who handle mass torts such as these must reach out to people who may qualify for compensation. As a result, you may get a call from an attorney and learn of the defective product.