When a family files a wrongful death lawsuit in conjunction with a criminal investigation in Tacoma, some people might view it as an attempt to seek their own form of justice. In reality, however, that is rarely true.

Such action is often motivated by any number of different factors. There may be cases where the loss of a loved one left a tremendous financial void in one’s life that they are having difficulty filling. There may also be situations where a family feels like concurrent legal action will help to spurn a criminal investigation that has seemingly stalled. Then there are those cases where one simply want to see accountability assigned for a person or organization’s negligent actions.

Family files wrongful death lawsuit following mother’s murder

That appears to be the reason behind a wrongful death lawsuit recently filed by the family of a New York woman allegedly murdered while vacationing with friends in Turks and Caicos. The woman was missing for a full day before searchers found her body near her resort, during which time the family said the resort did little to assist in finding her. They also go on to claim that the resort failed to protect, saying that it was actually a former resort employee that killed her. They even allege that the resort covered up her murder.

Seeking resolution through civil accountability

In the context of a case like this, “justice” typically refers to criminal punishment meted out against a guilty party. Accountability, on the other hand, recognizes that larger failures by third parties can often produce tragic consequences. Those looking to make such an argument may find themselves a valuable ally in the form of an experienced personal injury attorney.