One of the most common injuries following a motorcycle accident is road rash or a friction burn that occurs when you scrape skin against asphalt. While road rash can be mild, it can also strip several layers of skin. A bad accident could result in a necessity for skin grafting surgery. 

Healthline explains how to treat road rash to avoid further complications. 

When to visit the hospital

A severe road rash requires a lot of care. Skin graft surgery and infection treatments may be necessary.  Signs that you need medical attention for your injury include excessive bleeding. If you cannot stop the bleeding or if you see other kinds of drainage from the wound, it is a sign of a more serious injury. If your road rash extends across a large portion of your body or if you have large objects such as rocks or glass embedded, you need to take it seriously. Likewise, if you can see any muscle or bone through the layers of skin, it is a severe injury. 

What to do at home

Once home, if suffering from mild road rash, you can treat the wound by washing it thoroughly and ensuring that there is no debris in the wound. With a clean injury, you can apply antibiotic ointment to prevent infection. Once treated with ointment, bandage it and ensure that you change the bandage once or twice every day. 

If while at home your pain and discomfort increase, your wound becomes redder or you see redness and pus at the site, you may want to see a doctor as soon as possible. This is a sign that the injury became infected.