Motorcycling is a pleasure to do solo, but it is also a fun activity to do with a passenger. Many people prefer having a friend on the back of the bike to enjoy the scenery with.

However, having a passenger on the back of your bike can be a challenge. You will need to ensure that you make proper adjustments for the safety of yourself and your passenger. And According to Bike Bandit, it is important for your passenger to have their own safety gear, and to understand the bike that you ride.

What safety gear should a passenger have?

A passenger should have as much, if not more, safety gear on as the motorcycle operator. At a minimum, the passenger should be wearing a Department of Transportation-approved helmet. It is also a good idea for a passenger to have a complete kit of safety gear. This may include boots, gloves, long sleeve shirts, an armored motorcycle jacket and pants.

Many passengers on the back of motorcycles are wearing very little safety gear and may even be wearing short pants and sandals. This is extremely dangerous.

What should the passenger know about the bike?

The passenger does not need to know how to operate the motorcycle, of course, but there is a difference between being a passenger on a cruiser motorcycle and being a passenger on a sport bike. Make sure that the passenger understands where he or she can put their hands to brace themselves. You should also have foot pegs for your passenger and ensure that he or she knows to put their feet on these and keep them there.