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Sadler Injury Law Group's Results

Our attorneys are highly skilled at practicing, mediating, and trying personal injury legal claims. We have the knowledge and experience to find you the best possible results. Check out our stats and case results below to learn just how effective our services are.

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Claim Stats

  • Settled Pre-Lawsuit - 55%
  • Resolved At Arbitration or Mediation - 40%
  • Taken To Trial - 5%

Wrongful Death

  • $1.9 Million Settlement for the Death Of a Male Head Of Family Who Died In a Drunk Driving Accident - Driver Was Over-Served By a Local Bar
  • $1.525 Million Settlement In a Wrongful Death Action Against Clover Park School District for the Death Of a Thirteen-Year-Old Boy Hit By a School Bus
  • $1.1 Million Verdict for a Client Whose Son Was Killed By a Sheriff's Deputy — the Boy Was Unarmed.
  • $975,000 Settlement Against a Bar for the Over-Service Of Alcohol After Their Customer Left the Establishment & Killed a Young Woman In a Drunk Driving Accident


  • $1.45 Million Settlement for Victim Of Mesothelioma

Highway Design & Maintenance

  • $3.5 Million Settlement for a Husband & Former Nuclear Engineer Who Suffered a Critical & Permanent Brain Injury After Running Over a Hazard On a Bike Trail Recommended By the County
  • $3.1 Million Verdict for a Man Who Was In an Accident That Ended Up Costing Him Both Legs & an Arm - the Car He Was Riding In Struck a Power Pole & Though He Walked Away From the Accident, He Walked Into the Downed Live Power Lines Which Burned His Body, Resulting In the Triple Amputation - a Jury Decided the Road Was Poorly Designed & That the Power Pole Was Too Close To the Roadway, & the Case Was the Highest Verdict In the State Of Washington At the Time, a Record It Held for Four Years
  • $1.2 Million Settlement: Against the State Of Washington for Injuries Suffered In an Automobile Collision Due To Highway Design Defect
  • $1.1 Million Verdict for a Man Whose Wife & Children Died In a Car Accident Caused By the Improper De-Icing Of the Roadway

Medical Malpractice

  • $1.375 Million Settlement Co-Counsel On a Settlement for Injuries Suffered In a Trip & Fall Down Stairs & Subsequent Medical Malpractice for Treatment Of Injuries
  • $1.1 Million Settlement for the Parents Of a Newborn Baby Who Endured Life-Long Injuries Because Hospital Staff Delayed the Pregnant Mother's Admission To Hospital
  • $80,000 Settlement for Medical Negligence Resulting In Need for Second Surgery
  • $75,000 Settlement for Medical Negligence for Improper Prescription

Defective Products

  • $8.9 Million Verdict for a Man Seriously Injured When the Vehicle He Was Driving Rolled Onto Its Roof, Which Collapsed Due To Shoddy Construction & Use Of Cheap Materials To Save the Manufacturer Money
  • $3 Million Settlement for a Baby Permanently Disabled When a Faulty Lamp Shorted, Causing an Electrical Injury
  • $1.9 Million Verdict for a Man Who Became a Quadriplegic When a Nine-Pound Screw Loosened From a Crane & Fell 60 Feet Onto His Head, Breaking His Neck
  • $1.2 Million Settlement for a Client Who Suffered Burns To His Feet When a Fire Spread From His Car Engine To the Passenger Compartment As a Result Of the Manufacturer Releasing the Vehicle With a Defective Firewall
  • $1.2 Million Counsel On Settlement Against a Swimming Pool Manufacturer for a Teenager Who Was Paralyzed After Diving Into a Pool
  • $350,000 Settlement for Defective Seat Belt That Failed During a Crash
Woman Clutching Neck

Vehicle Accidents

  • $1.2 Million Verdict To a Young Woman Who Suffered Brain Injuries In Auto Accident
  • $3 Million Settlement for the Death Of an Adult Male & Serious Brain & Orthopedic Injuries To a Child
  • $3 Million To the Family Of a Man Who Was Killed In a Multiple Car Collision When a Tarp Flew Off a Truck & Onto His Windshield
  • $235,000 Settlement for Shoulder Injury Due To Motorcycle-Car Collision
  • $200,000 Settlement: Obtained Insurance Policy Limits for Knee Injuries Sustained In a Motorcycle Collision
  • $135,000 for Skateboarder Hit By Car
  • $125,000 Settlement for Back Injury From Rear-End Collision
  • $100,000 Settlement for Mild Traumatic Brain Injury From Rear-End Collision
  • $85,000 Settlement: Obtained Insurance Policy Limits for Injuries Sustained In a Motor Vehicle Collision
  • $58,000 Jury Verdict for Rear-End Auto Collision

Work Injuries

  • $4.1 Million Verdict for a Client Who Became a Paraplegic Due To a Construction Site Fall At McChord Air Force Base
  • $3.6 Million Settlement for a Worker Who Became a Quadriplegic As a Result Of Another Worker's Unsafe Operation Of a Crane
  • $290,000 Settlement for Construction Site Injury Resulting In Knee Surgery
  • $160,000 Jury Verdict for Construction Site Injury Due To Trench Collapse
  • $80,000 Settlement for Construction Site Injury

Premises Liability

  • $163,000 Jury Verdict for Shoulder Injury From Deck Collapse
  • $75,000 Settlement for Injury To Hand Due To Fall On Dangerous Property
  • $45,100 Settlement: Minor Injuries To a Ten-Month Old Infant At Daycare
  • $40,000 Settlement for Knee Injury From Defective Carpet At Store

Human & Civil Rights

  • $550,000 Settlement for Sexual Harassment Of 3 Women In the Workplace
  • $350,000 Settlement for Sexual Harassment Against the Us Government
  • $160,000 Settlement for Sexual Abuse Of a Minor
  • $90,000 Settlement for Disability Discrimination & Failure To Accommodate Over-Service Of Alcohol (Dram Shop)
  • $725,000.00 Against a Tavern for Over-Service Of Alcohol To a Customer Who Then Crashed Into Our Client After Leaving the Tavern

Professional Negligence

  • $195,000 Settlement for Scalp Burn Due To Hair Salon Negligence